About this blog – legal stuff

I just wanted a place that motivates me to write more. I am not planning to advertise this blog in any way, rather it is my place to dump some of my ideas. I do it in English, because since this is not my first language – German is -, it feels somewhat more abstract to me and I have to be slightly more careful if I am trying to say what I want to say. Plus most of the visitors to my website are from non-German speaking countries.

If you came here by clicking on a weird link and you have no idea who I am. Maybe you are lost and in reality you were looking for my website www.simonmenner.com .

Oh, and since I am writing this blog from within Germany:

V.i.S.d.P – Simon Menner, Liverpooler Str. 8, 13349 Berlin – all the other information can be found on the parent site of this blog.