Why I am trying to avoid having my works dated

Quite frequently I am being asked, why there are no years or dates given for the works shown on my site. As a matter of fact, I am trying to avoid giving the years of my projects in exhibitions as well. I don’t want to argue with curators or exhibition organizers on such unimportant issues, so sometimes I give in and give them a rough year. But if it would be entirely up to me, I wouldn’t do it.

When looking at other peoples websites, I am always driven towards the newer stuff – especially on sites that are organized by date of production. I think that is an impulse many people are feeling. But I think either a work is relevant for an artist or it isn’t. For me that means that there are some quite recent works which I would not include in an exhibition, since it just does not feel relevant. On the other hand, there are quite a few works of mine, which if I didn’t realize them already, I would try to do it. These works could be five or ten years old, I would still do them again. So what would be the point in me saying that they are ten years old?